Emily Cheung

MEET THE TEAM: EMILY CHEUNG 3D ARTIST posted on 20th June 2017

Emily Cheung, our 3D artist discusses her role in creating SwapBots characters in 3D and the challenges faced with making 3D animation that works with SwapBots toys. Q) What is your position on the SwapBots team? What are your responsibilities? I am the 3D artist in charge of anything three dimensional in the game which […]

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Tom Southworth Vuforia Developer

Meet the team: Tom Southworth Unity and Vuforia developer posted on 24th May 2017

Tom Southworth, our Unity and Vuforia Developer discusses his role in bringing SwapBots characters to life and the challenges faced developing an augmented reality app. We wanted to show you the people behind the scenes who are hard at work preparing SwapBots for release. What games engine is used to create SwapBots and why? We […]

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SwapBots in China

Why we visited China to see SwapBots being made posted on 15th May 2017

We sent SwapBots co-founder John to toy manufacturer Creata’s Shenzen factory to see the Bots being made – here’s why this was such an essential trip to make. The thing that stuck in my head after we opened a coffee shop a few years ago was that many of the farmers had never tried their […]

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Octo Render SwapBots

What inspired Octo to be created? SwapBots Q&A posted on 27th March 2017

Some might say Octo is one of the most distinguished SwapBots. Where did the inspiration come from to design the character? I think originally our Co-Founder Andy did a sketch for an Octopus, which was later worked on by Emily (3D Artist) but ultimately I took their starting points and let the character almost decide […]

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Kabuto SwapBots

Mike Snowdon, our Graphic Artist talks about bringing Kabuto to life posted on 16th March 2017

Kabuto is a very cultured SwapBot, where did you find the inspiration to create him? For as long as I can recall i’ve always found the orient an unquenchable source of inspiration; from the pop culture favourites of martial arts, anime and character culture to the traditional crafts such as Ukiyo-e prints and the mindfulness […]

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Meet Emily, our 3D Artist, she introduces us to Griff posted on 9th March 2017

  Behind the mystery man, that is Griff.. For starters, where did the idea for Griff come from? It all started from an initial sketching session between Mike, Andy and myself with pencils and coloured pens on a big roll of paper. After a lot of random designs to get the creative juices flowing, we […]

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SwapBots Ben McWilliams

Why I’m super excited to be part of SwapBots team posted on 20th February 2017

SwapBots brings me back to when life was fun and carefree. Endless hours of excitement and adventures with my toys, something which, for some reason, we stop doing at a certain point in our lives. I can’t help but feel that this is a great shame, losing those moments of escape, forgetting to tap into […]

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SwapBots Augmented Reality
SwapBots Augmented Reality Toy

Welcome to the SwapBots blog! posted on 9th February 2017

Thanks for joining us here on the SwapBots blog. We wanted to create a place where we could share all of the super exciting things we have going on at SwapBots HQ, alongside insight into the people that are leading the world of technology and toys.

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