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Gameplay, UI, Animations, The Hub and more

SwapBots UI

We have continued to make refinements to SwapBots’ UI. Although all UI elements are designed, once some were applied to the game and subsequently tested, the odd flaw was exposed and a rolling series of changes are being applied.

As you’ll see in the ‘scan screen’ video below, there are also new ways to interact with the characters and the overall app that is taking shape. It is all about making the interactions fun and tactile wherever possible.

Further animations and effects are being created for our SwapBots characters, along with fine-tuning the associated abilities of each of the 27 Bot pieces – checking that the gameplay is balanced and fair along the way.

SwapBots UI

After redesigning The Hub with a new UI and new 3D objects to signify different rooms that users can enter, further changes have been made here. Now each room serves different purposes to the user, whether it features items for battle gameplay, character skins or challenges we have now implemented a new easier way to navigate through our content.

Speaking of character skins, we’ve also designed a new tool for creating different colour schemes. Although this won’t be a publicly available feature, it’s certainly handy for us to keep experimenting with as we look to deliver custom skins for players.

Thanks for reading!

Phil and the SwapBots team

Posted on 31st July 2018 by swapbots

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