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From Paper to Augmented Reality

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Hello there SwapBots backers,

Work continues apace on SwapBots with new UI, work on getting the narrative embedded into the gameplay and more….

How do you wireframe spacial interfaces?

So, this is how we start prototyping new gameplay – with Post-it notes! In the dawning era of spatial computing the old wireframes no longer cut the mustard. We’ve used this same technique extensively of late, as suggested by Becky – our lead-producer and head-of-Postit notes. What have we been prototyping then? New menu screens, an improved and more extensive ‘hub’ system that forms the central focus of the game’s UI and even additional gameplay variations have all been given this treatment.

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UI improvements

The UI was not explicit enough and too abstract for many players tastes so that is currently undergoing a once-over. You can see some work-in-progress pics here. We’ve given the central augmented reality menu system the title of ‘The Hub

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Re-framing the core game

While the core SwapBots battle gameplay remains the same, we were concerned that there was a lack of tangible progression. This is being addressed by tying the mooted ‘adventure’ mode into the battle play.

What this means is that the narrative that underpins the world of the SwapBots will be explored with challenges and missions that involve battling specific Bot combinations. Winning the heat means more and helps build up your stash of valuable items – which again ties back into the need to revisit The Hub.

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Thanks for all of your continued support

SwapBots team

Posted on 30th May 2018 by swapbots

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