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Sounds, arenas and more SwapBots progress

SwapBots Battle Arena

Hello SwapBots backers,

It’s time for another update, but first up, we just wanted to clarify why we are not at this stage revealing a shipping date. It is simply because we don’t know exactly when this date will be, so we feel that it would not be honest to state a precise date at this stage. However, the time for shipment is edging closer.

We will let backers and the wider world know exactly when this will be as soon as we can. Thank you for bearing with us, it’s appreciated. Here are the latest happenings in the studio…

SwapBots Digital Kids Show

Refining the Arenas

One of the changes brought on by the increased 3D play in SwapBots is that the characters’ environments have become more important that ever. We have already detailed how the arenas are coming along, but recent changes to camera positioning in the game has made us take another look at them. A narrower perspective has supplanted the previous roaming, distant views of the scene, meaning that much of the environment was unable to be seen.

Leading the evolution of the arenas is Daniel Burns, who brings experience in 3D environments working on games such as Disney Universe, various James Bond titles and even a game featuring certain young wizard called Harry. He’s working up the arenas, bringing elements of the wider SwapBots story and their ‘clans’.

At this stage we’re not sure how many arenas will be ready for the initial Kickstarter release, but what ones there will be will look the business. Here’s a little work-in-progress shot of a new Junker Zone (Dusty’s home) arena.

SwapBots Battle Arena


So far in these updates we’ve said precious little about sound. That was because it was something we addressed very early in the genesis of SwapBots and then left it. However, there’s a lot more we can do with sound so it’s time to revisit it.

Previously there were two repeating themes and some home-brew effects, now we have brought in Chris Everett, a sound designer specialising in video games who we discovered through his work with our neighbours at Cosmonaut Studios. His brief? Bring more atmosphere, variation and personality to the sounds of SwapBots.

SwapBots Audio

Post-battle ratings

We’ve developed post battle ratings to give SwapBots users scores based on their Combat, Tactics, Defence ratings within battle gameplay – ratings starting from C upwards to S. Tips are being implemented into the post battle ratings process to give guidance on improving on your weaknesses. These tips will encourage users to engage with different abilities to improve on their stats for defence and combat stats.

SwapBots Battle Gameplay

Digital Kids Show

On November 10th and 11th you can try SwapBots at the Digital Kids Show as part of the Manchester Gamers Unite stand showcasing the best family-friendly indie games from our corner of England.

Thanks for reading

Phil and the SwapBots team

Posted on 31st October 2018 by swapbots

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