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SwapBots is coming! Final call for addresses and more…

SwapBots targetting UI

Hello backers and friends,

At last the time to ship the SwapBots toys is approaching. Expect to receive yours during December.

We are so thrilled about this and want to take the opportunity to thank all our backers and advocates for having faith in this unique product.

However, we start the update with a spot of housekeeping…

Request for updated addresses

In advance of mailing out SwapBots to backers, we are requesting that you email us any changes of address you may have had during the last year or so.

Please send them to phil@swapbots.co (yes, that’s .co) with the title ‘Change of Address’. Thank you.

Digital Kids Show and FACT testing

SwapBots Digital Kids Show

As part of our preparations for launching SwapBots we have been testing the game with children at Digital Kids Show. This was all about recruiting impartial testers who were totally new to the concept of SwapBots. The results have been positive so far and will help the Kickstarter edition to be the best it can be. There are two more test sessions scheduled outside of the studio’s own QA processes, including this coming weekend at FACT in Liverpool.

Improved targeting and timer UI

SwapBots targetting UI

While we prepare to ship the toy, the game is being finessed. Sounds are in place, gameplay balancing is in progress and the final animations are being integrated into the game. We even have an intro sequence sorted too.

Next on the list for fettling is improved skills-based targeting that sees a moving target that needs to be pressed at the correct moment. Further UI improvements include improved feedback on opponent’s moves and a round timer that is positioned in a more logical place.

Still to come is an intuitive tutorial that focuses on findings from the current round of user-testing.

Thanks for reading

Phil and the SwapBots team

Posted on 20th November 2018 by swapbots

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